Montclair state university first year writing assignment

The portfolio will be due on the date of the final exam, and will serve in lieu of an in-class exam. Provides professional, customer service oriented response to students and parents with housing issues. Draft E3D2 and bring 2 hard copies to next class.

As we learn about the many manifestations and purposes of writing outside of school, we will ultimately reflect on more traditional ideas about school writing in order to think about the relationships between these varied contexts. Other Responsibilities Demonstrates initiative, dependability, a positive attitude, professionalism, sensitivity and ethics.

The student has done a poor job of documenting the citation and has, in fact, plagiarized, but the in-text reference and the inclusion on the Works Cited list are indications of honest intentions. Homework that is more than one week late will receive a zero. Organizes the mechanics for all new student placements.

Groups confer; make presentations. Homework must also be handed in on time: Discuss Dubus and Glaspell, based on questions submitted for HW9.

If you have any questions about the contents of your portfolio or the deadline, feel free to clarify them with me, but do so well before the due date. In these papers, students are expected to draw out some aspect of the literature that interests them and then develop a short, cogent response.

Center for Writing Excellence: Evaluation is partly based on a portfolio of revised writing. Similarly, students should read carefully any written feedback from the instructor and make appropriate revisions in their work.

Students will have the opportunity to analyze their strengths and weaknesses as writers, to develop strategies for editing and polishing, and to enhance their ability to analyze and construct arguments.

Students will learn how to construct persuasive proposals, executive summaries, and other professional writing documents. As each essay is graded, whether the first D3 or a rewrite, I will enter the grade on Canvas.

Students will therefore be given multiple options to improve their work, though it is up to them to use such opportunities.

Bring Text to class. Exercise -- choose passage from one of stories and rewrite from another point of view. This writing can take on many different forms: Works to ensure maximum occupancy by running and reviewing daily reports and completing appropriate follow through with staff members.

You can require a rewrite, fail the student for that paper, or lower the final grade by 1 or 2 grades a kind of penalty for plagiarism.

Your methods here will depend on all sorts of factors specific to you and your student. Do the exercises for alliteration, assonance, denotation and connotation, and metaphor — email to instructor HW 4.

Administers the distribution of all summer housing materials to all current students. What I usually do is grade the paper quite carefully, holding the student to the highest of standards and grading down for failure to strictly follow the assignment.

Students will be introduced to a variety of theories and design approaches. If the final draft is handed in more than one week late, the paper will receive a grade of F. If you encounter any technical problems uploading your essay to Turnitin, contact OIT, http: Serves in the absence of the Associate Director of Residence Life providing data analysis and data reporting as needed.

Student Development and Campus Life Overview Reporting directly to the Associate Director for Residential Support Services, the Housing Assignments Coordinator is responsible for the coordination of room assignments for new and returning students throughout the year including summer.

If you must communicate with people outside of class during our class time, please pack your things and excuse yourself from class. Please some prepared because your specific questions will guide the session.

Our full sequence of courses WRIT and are concerned with the kind of intellectual inquiry that drives learning in school, work, and everyday life.

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Further discuss Cummings poems. We will explore writing practices that extend beyond academic discourse alone and into alternate genres that can bring communities together and create social and political change.

See below for actions. If you can't "find" the paper on the web, but you still think it's plagiarized either written by someone else or bought from a source not available to the web you need to have a conference with the student. If you never catch students plagiarizing for your classes, be suspicious of your own detection abilities.

You can add any other comments, notes, or thoughts you have about the course structure, course policies or anything else. First-Year Writing Plagiarism Policy and Procedure The First-Year Writing Program at Montclair State University values students’ honest efforts in the classroom and as writers.

For Students

Plagiarism is strongly discouraged and this class will educate you about what it is and how to avoid it. College Writing Workshop. The College Writing Workshop is a writing tutoring program open to all WRIT and 4-credit WRIT students. The Workshop is a supplemental writing instruction program that is part of all WRIT and 4-credit WRIT classes.

A writing-intensive workshop that stresses the development of college-level thinking and writing skills through frequent writing assignments. Emphasis is on the writing process: prewriting; drafting; revising; using peer and teacher critique; editing and proofreading.

Evaluation. The First-Year Writing Program provides undergraduate students with coursework required to fulfill the University General Education Communication requirements in Writing and Reading.

These courses introduce students to the academic discourse of the university community. The First-Year Writing Program at Montclair State University values students’ honest efforts in the classroom and as writers.

Plagiarism is not tolerated, and this class will educate you about what it is and how to avoid it. The second semester of the intensive first-year writing sequence. Required: approximately 6, words of formal writing, including at least one documented essay.

With WRITmeets two-semester Gen Ed - Communication:Literature.

Montclair state university first year writing assignment
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